SEO Is Only Link Buidling

August 10th, 2011 SEOguy Posted in Link Building, SEO Comments Off on SEO Is Only Link Buidling

SEO is only link buildingThis statement may shock, but SEO is based on backlinks. Page can not be any content, even his title tag can not occur, and still be rated the same, given that he has good links pointing to it (yes, even after the Panda update).

Why do I say this now? Because there were too many “SEO experts” and “SEO gurus” preaching to all kinds of SEO techniques, most of them are a waste of time. Do not get me wrong, the site content should still be quality and well structured, because even if your site ranks high it will not mean anything if you do not have sales. Your content is what counts the sales.

However, in terms of  SEO, there is only one important variable – Links. Need proof? Search in Google for “Long Island Jobs”, the site appears first is a site that is not active for several years and there is nothing on him. All he has, are these strong backlinks that he got over the years. However there are many sites that are active and have great optimization (not very difficult, compared to this site), but these sites are of course not in the first place.

Also, do not forget that the content you write is just for your visitors, not for search engines. Robots still can not distinguish between a shopping list and recipe for cheesecake, but visitors can. So do not even think about writing something just for search engines if it does not add value to your visitors – this is a waste of time, and your readers time.

Want to know more about building links? I recommend on: choose article directories to publish articles and just ask for links.

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SEO Companies Theories

August 8th, 2011 SEOguy Posted in Link Building, SEO Comments Off on SEO Companies Theories

SEO companiesIn this post I will present several theories of various SEO companies. Nonsense of SEO companies, how to identify good SEO companies more or less?

1. They tell you that they promise to place your website at first place.

Double-check the keywords they offer to you, not once I heard of SEO companies that offer only long tail phrases. You do not want to be number one in query that no one was search for.

2. They tell you they can do it for 50$ per month.

A. Well that’s easy. You want to get results, and you know it takes time. How many hours do you expect them to work on your site for this price? Of course they will not work full one day a week, because then they lose money.

B. Often, all you get for this price is submission to 100 web directories sites that you do not mind them because nobody uses them. What that you really need is to get your website to top of search engines and not just crap web directories.

3. They tell you if you will build your website with us, you will get free SEO.

All it means is that they will not do the search engine optimization, but at least they sold you the site building. Website building companies and SEO companies must be separate companies, such as that there are  surgeons for each area of the body (eyes, back, etc.), the same thing on the Internet – each one is expert in his field. You can always do other services, but is it effective? Even your hosting company can build you the site, but do you let them do this?

4. Do they offer full SEO services or they just SEO consultants?

Get a clear definition, or that the company will take your project and do all the work, or advise you how to do it. It is important to clarify all these issues when you get the price quote, there are many SEO guys that are only consultants.

5. Ask them examples of there clients projects.

Ask for examples of different SEO projects. Try to ask for projects close to your project niche in order to understand the quality of the company.

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Paid Text Links And Google

July 10th, 2011 SEOguy Posted in Link Building, SEO Comments Off on Paid Text Links And Google

paid text linksPaid text links were common among a lot of SEO guys, just pay a lot of money for links, and you will receive the reward at the SERP. All this things changed when Google announced that they going to fight against all the paid text links market. Google said that if you decide to advertise at websites (and not buying links) so the tag “rel = nofollow” should be implemented to stop the flow of Page Rank.

In fact many SEO guys back to the planning to think of innovative ways to attract links, part of the SEO guys continued to play with the paid text links technique.  Who am I to judge them, I am one of those that buy and sell links on the web. If you buy links, you take a risks, if the benefits overriding the risks that then go for it.  There are many large brands who have purchased paid text links, but it seems they never punished, although in fact they seem to have great position at the top of some keywords.

You’re probably asking, “is there a safe way to buy links?”. Well, the short answer is no – but there are ways which the sites give evasive and reduce risks. Here are some important things about buying links and Google:

1. Paid links websites — they give access to a variety of sites who are willing to sell text links for SEO. Usually the system is automatically, you write code on their sites and impressive intermediates distribute links to networks.  This method best known over the net that can be recognized by Google. Also, I actually recommend doing it all manually, don’t do anything automatically.

2. Content not related – if you buy links on  website that does not have any relation to your content, so what benefit it gives to users? Anything.  Natural or organic links often link to relevant websites and add value to their site and visitors visit this links.

3. Anchor text – in ideal world every link added naturally to include your keywords and expressions that logic to give them high priority.  Unfortunately, this happens very seldom, nofollow tags are include natural links, banners, brand names and keywords not entirely useful as “Clicky” or “this webssite”.

4. Relationships between links – a situation in which there are links that are all “dofollow”, with targeted keywords that regime to attention from Google. Natural links will include a variety of parameters “dofollow”, “nofollow”, etc.

5. Links location – the best way to discover the fact that you bought your links is a link at the bottom of the page where there is no longer relevant links or too many external links.  If you are naive enough to think of that it will give you better ranking or traffic, think again. Natural links usually appear in the blog or in the links section.

6. Search for Page Rank links – that’s true, people still trying to get page rank, but it’s not contributing anything. The content and organic ranking of the site a more important role in these days.  If a new website gets page rank 6 suddenly with many links to it, so I’m afraid that his ranking at the top will be short.

Eventually, as you can see, trying to create a paid text link strategy is a long process that requires a lot of time and some risks.  If you will do it smart, you can get beautiful rankings (as many top sites do). But the most rewarding and morally method is, of course, to create a site with quality content that people will want to link him.  Google have 101 other ways to identify paid links, and already have the option to report paid links by Google Webmaster Tools.

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The New +1 Google Button and SEO Impact

June 4th, 2011 SEOguy Posted in Internet News, SEO Comments Off on The New +1 Google Button and SEO Impact

google plus one buttonGoogle launched there new 1 + button last Thursday, and since then the SEO world isn’t stop talking about the new button. This is a serious penetration of the Social Media worl into the SEO world. From the last year we know that search engines draw the information from social networks to improve their search results. From that we can learn that the SEO is dead and from know on we can call it Social SEO.

The new +1 button is now only work in the global search engine (, but is open to all sites in all languages and countries soon. Google’s goal is to let users select their favorite sites and let Google know which site is more quality (of course according to the number of  +1 that the site have). In addition to the appearance of search results button, the button can be found on the websites themselves. Of course voting is in in the search results, has more influence on the postion of the site / page in the search engine.

Is Google’s new button will soon replace the “Like” Facebook button in most of the sites? It’s all a question of traffic to the websites. Web sites should do there consideration from where they receive more traffic to the site, from Facebook or Google? Many of the answer will be similar, yet it will take a long time before the +1 button would take the place of the “Like” button in various websites.

Google’s new button there will soon change the face of SEO process (in many ways). One of them is that in the future we can simply click on the +1 button and then google will re-crawl the website/page. So in the future we will not be any more “SEO guys” and we will come to “Social SEO guys”?

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