Updated London Jobs Finder Launches To Attract London Job Hunters

July 20th, 2012 SEOguy Posted in My Projects, Or Hillel Comments Off on Updated London Jobs Finder Launches To Attract London Job Hunters

London Jobs Finder has recently launched its new and improved website just in time of the Olympic Games in London in a few weeks. The original Londonjobsfinder.com website opened its doors in 2008 to attract thousands of job hunters and recruiters. New additions to Londonjobsfinder.com now include the option to show your resume or CV to recruiters, get job updates via Facebook, Twitter or Email, and lastly an improved job search engine that lets job finders get their jobs quicker.

London Jobs Finder is the website developed by Or Hillel who has a vast network of internet holdings and his company, SEOguy.co.il works with job finding networks around the globe.

Or Hillell has stated, “After our first launch of London Jobs Finder back in 2008, we understand that job seekers are looking for more tools beside job search, and that what we offer them in our new version. With the Olympics games in London this year, we bring new things to our website to help our job seekers to find there next job in London and for recruiters to find workers fast and easy”.

London Jobs Finder currently offers recruiters the ability to post jobs on its site for as low as £25 for 30 days; a vast bargain compared to other online job sites on the web.  Users of Londondjobsfinder.com are able to search for new jobs by type, category, and date posted. Users will also find exciting new jobs posted just in time for the Olympic Games in London.

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Press Release: My Gulf Jobs

October 16th, 2011 SEOguy Posted in Blog News, Internet News, My Projects, Or Hillel Comments Off on Press Release: My Gulf Jobs

MyGulfJobs.com is a new site for job posters and job seekers interested in employment in the Middle East region.  It offers a free service not only for job seekers but also for employers interested in posting jobs.  MyGulfJobs brings a new type of service to the Middle East region that was lacking in the past,  a place for employers to advertise their jobs with no additional cost to them as well as a place for job seekers to find a ton of people looking to hire.

Or Hillel created My Gulf Jobs as a broad extension of the current Clicky Jobs network (clickyjobs.com).  The move was based on the wild demand in the region for qualified professionals and young college grads.  These types of people use online job portals predominately to find and obtain employment in their respective fields.  The primary advantage of a job portal service is that it acts similar to a matchmaking service for employers and potential employees.  Gone are the days of trying to find just any old job to get by.  Now canidates seeking employment can find exactly what they need from employers who desire their services.

“We are thrilled to be adding the Middle East to our job network here at Clicky Jobs” Or Hillel stated recently in regards to MyGulfJobs.com.  “Providing such a service in an area with an internet population that has just exploded over the last few years is a very exciting feeling.”  While most of the “common men” in the Middle East use cellular phones for internet browsing as opposed to desktop PCs, laptops, or netbooks because of availability and mobility, My Gulf Jobs has such a simple and easy to use interface, it can be used efficiently no matter what device is being used to get there.

MyGulfJobs.com is a job portal site in the Clicky Jobs network that provides a free service for both employeers and job seekers alike. Or Hillel is an SEO consultant with over 8 years of experience and the owner of the Clicky Jobs network.

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New Website For The Hebrew Language

May 24th, 2011 SEOguy Posted in My Projects, Or Hillel Comments Off on New Website For The Hebrew Language

Hebrew Language GuideAs part of the ongoing expanded of the websites network, SEO Guy (Or Hillel) is launching new website. This new website will be called – Hebrew Language Guide. After the success  of some other content websites of SEO Guy, we decided to open new content website that connected to the holy language of Hebrew.

There are 9 million speakers of the Hebrew language, but there are so many more that want to get info about learning this language. That why we decided to make this website as web guide, this website will be the one-stop for learning all you need about Hebrew. There are some other resources over the internet for the Hebrew language, but non of them have all the info at one website. This site will include all the info such as: learning Hebrew online, Hebrew alphabet, business Hebrew, Hebrew translation, Hebrew fonts and much more.

This is the first SEO Guy website in the language theme, we plan to open in the future some other web guides for other languages. Till now most of SEO Guy websites was in the jobs and resume theme. But now we plan to add some more new websites to our portfolio.

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Just Ask For Links

May 22nd, 2011 SEOguy Posted in Link Building, My Projects, SEO Comments Off on Just Ask For Links

link buildingWant to build backlinks to your site but you’re tired of spam sites? There is another way to build backlinks. Not all methods of link building should be done is fixed as competitors, you can create different ways to get links and useful ones without much effort. In this post I will write about the way I call “Natural links – just ask for links” the way to get one-way links, and in this post I will call her simply “The method”.

All SEO guys wherever they are like to get natural links, and why? Because these links are the best quality links for various search engines and they are one-way links. Natural link has more impact than exchange links between sites or spam sites link building performed using three ways (you link to my site and get a link from another site) and other methods of link building. The method is Easy and simple, it’s very simple to request from various sites to place a link to your site.  Sounds a bit bizarre but it works! turn to your niche or a niche close to you, offer him a link to add your link at the his links page or just in the sidebar off the page. True, not always you will get a link with the anchor text (your keywords) you want, usually you will get a link with the anchor text of your URL, but these links giving power to your site.

It’s very important to know which websites to send requests, don’t send request to sites of other SEO guys (you can see link to SEO company at the footer), sites with google adsense ads or affilate banners and sites own by your competitors. All the examples I mentioned are sites  that most likely will not link to your site at no cost at all. So which sites to send requests? Sites that attempt to more marketing-free sites, sites such as: private blogs, associations, academic sites, free content sites.

Why do they will add link to my site? Sure you’ve asked this question during the reading. Quite simply, they want to give their users more resources than their site content. If your site is very high quality and contributes to users so these sites will link to you gladly to help their users. The request to these sites should be as much personal and as much as possible nice, do not forget you actually ask them to link to your site for free. You should find a way to make the request pretty reasonable depending on the site.

I will give a personal example from one of my sites, the site Sample Resumes got a link from the Arizona State University website, this page links to job search sites and career help websites. I sent a very simple request using e-mail, with proposal to add a link to my site, the site agreed to placing the link. Although the link I got has different anchor text but this is .edu (academic) link, so it can only give strength to your site, this site gets a lot of credit from search engine as well.

Do not hesitate to contact sites, but please do it sensible and smart.

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