Internet Personal Branding

June 10th, 2011 SEOguy Posted in Internet News, Internet Personal Branding, SEM Comments Off on Internet Personal Branding

Internet Personal BrandingAny free time I have (unfortunately there is not much of this thing), I like to search around over the internet and see what’s new with competitors and in general websites. In one of these times I found a great tool in the field that soon will be grow – internet personal branding. Whos Talkin is the tool, this tool is basically a search engine which can be searched by name and check references of; Blogs, news sites, social networks, video sharing sites, photo sharing sites and forums. Any one that work over the internet want to keep his name “clean” and to find anything new connected to his name or his company name. Definitely a great tool to check your internet personal branding, saves time of going from site to site and this tool gather it all in one quick search. And of course this tool is free – so why not to try it on?

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